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These tutorials require Adobe Reader (aka Adobe Acrobat) for easy viewing and printing.

Tutorial I:
· refcoord.com registration
· Request access to an organization

Tutorial II:
· How to assign yourself to a job

Freq. Asked Questions
Your question isn't answered here? Email nicholas [at] refcoord [dot] com

· When I try to register, it says my email address is already used.
· Can I use a single email address for multiple accounts?
· I completed the registration process, but I got no confirmation email.
· I requested access to an organization but haven't received coordinator confirmation.
· Whenever I sign in, it goes to a 'Sucessfully Signed Out' screen.
· What the heck is a "Cherry-Pick Stopper?"

When I try to register, it says my email address is already used.
This means that somebody already registered a username using that address. For security purposes, only one email address per user is allowed. If you are a parent interested in using a single email address to monitor the activities of 2 or more of your children, please look below.

Can I use a single email address for multiple accounts?
Yes. But you'll need to jump through a hoop or two. For security purposes, your initial registration must be with an email address that is not already used. However, after you register, you can change the email address on that account. So, you'll need at least one extra "dummy" email address to pull this off. To make it clear, here's a hypothetical example:

Say you're a parent of two children, Bob and Jane. Bob is already registered on refcoord.com with the email address "parent@refcoord.com." You want to have the same address used for Jane's account. So, you do the following steps:

1) Obtain a "dummy" email account. This can either be an email address used by another family member or your alternate email. You can also use an address created temporarily from such free email services as hotmail.com or mail.yahoo.com. You decide to create and use the address "tempemail@hotmail.com."

2) Complete the refcoord.com registration process for Jane using the "tempemail@hotmail.com" account.

3) Complete the email verification step and Sign In to Jane's new account.

4) Click on the orange tab entitled "My Info."

5) Click on "Change Email."

6) Fill out the form using your preffered address -- "parent@refcoord.com" -- and follow the instructions.

That's all you need to do. refcoord.com will then send all correspondence emails for Bob and Jane to that one address. Of course, this is just an example so don't use those addresses!

I completed the registration process, but I got no confirmation email.

Are you sure you typed in the correct email address? If so, please keep in mind that emails can sometimes be delayed. If you recieve no confirmation email within 6-12 hours, there may be a problem:

· Some email services think that messages from refcoord.com are "junk mail." Silly spam filters... Your service may have moved the email to a different folder, or worse yet, automatically deleted it. This is especially problematic if you are using hotmail or yahoo webmail. Be sure you "unblock" emails from refcoord.com so they get through. This problem is hard to resolve, but I'm trying.

· You should also contact your email service provider if they are blocking any ip addresses from refcoord.com for any reason.

If you still can't get your email, please contact Nicholas Singh at admin@refcoord.com.

I requested access to an organization but have not received coordinator confirmation.

Granting or denying organization access is the sole duty of the corresponding referee coordinator. Typically if coordinators do not respond within 2-3 days, you should email or call them and inquire.

Whenever I sign in, it goes to a 'Sucessfully Signed Out' screen.

This problem occurs when a cookie is not present. Cookies are devices that hold data during your session on refcoord.com. Here are some possible solutions:

· Close all your browser windows and then open up a fresh one. Try again. A previously-created cookie is interfering with your sign in cookie. This is a known problem with refcoord.com's sign in system and is being investigated.

· You have a 3rd party program installed on your system that blocks cookies. See what programs are running on your system and make sure none of them restrict cookies. Without cookies, you wouldn't be able to log into thousands of websites around the world. Contrary to popular belief, they do not present a security risk to your computer and are widely-used in major sites around the world.

· Your computer clock is set incorrectly. Check the time AND date set on your clock. If either are incorrect, reset them to their proper values and shut your computer down. Wait 1-2 minutes. Finally, restart your computer and make sure the date AND time are still correct. If so, try signing in again.

· You have disabled cookies in your browser manually. Reenable them! You cannot sign into refcoord.com without using cookies.

What the heck is a "Cherry-Pick Stopper?"

Simple answer? It's a colorful name for a daily self-assign quota rule. Yeah, that's a pretty dull name... now you know why it's called a Cherry-Pick Stopper.

Coordinators that use self-assign like to have some way of restricting referees from "cherry-picking" (hogging) all the matches. One of the many ways they can do this is by limiting the number of self-assigns a referee can perform in a 24-hour period. If you get a message saying that you have been "nabbed" by the Cherry-Pick Stopper, well, you'd know that you had overrun your quota of self-assigns for the day.

You can check to see how much time you have left before you can self-assign again by looking at the very bottom of the My Jobs page -- a red countdown timer will appear.

If you belong to multiple organizations, it is important to note that each coordinator's Cherry-Pick Stopper is independent. That is, if you are stopped from self-assigning to one organization, you still might be able to self-assign for a different one. Again, you can check the very bottom of the My Jobs page for more info about your org(s) rules.